Artemis Ensemble (1988-2017)

is now

Orphelion Ensemble (2018- )

Why the change?

In 1988 Artemis Ensemble was created primary as a piano trio with the option to also play in other configurations. In 2018 Artemis Ensemble would have celebrated its 30th anniversary! So why change the name now?

By coincidence, we are sharing the name with the excellent and tremendously successful Artemis Quartet. A situation that is not advantageous in terms of displaying a unique identity and style.

Until now, Artemis Ensemble performed mainly in northern Spain and there was no imminent danger of stepping into the territory of the Artemis Quartet, but as we are getting more opportunities to perform in Europe, there might be situations where our overlapping names could create an unwelcome cause of confusion.

We discussed the issue with the Artemis Quartet – Artemis’s cellist Eckart Runge is an old friend – and we came to the conclusion that a change of name would be a necessity.

The moment for such a profound change is not necessarily badly timed, as we are restructuring our artistic endeavours. We started out as piano trio, later played almost exclusively string quartet and now do a bit of everything, venturing also into experimental projects, including different fields of art like poetry, painting and dance in our performances.

From now on we will perform as Orphelion trio, Orphelion Quartet and Orphelion Ensemble and we are very excited about the new opportunities that come with the change of identity.

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